My music passion and my Djing story


Djing, Audio and Lighting are a major part of any event being it social, public or private. As a result one seldom finds any meaningful interactive event without an audio presence. I embarked upon my Dj journey about five years ago and never really needed any training or education due to my innate passion for music since birth.

At an early age, I loved the rhythms of music. I enjoyed the vibes that came out of the radio as well as the beautiful melodies from the good old days of cassette tapes. I would be the first in the family to get the latest tune in the market which led me to be constantly broke with nothing but the over accumulation of relevant as well as irrelevant music materials.

During my teenage years was when I realized I could really make something out of music since all my actions and character began to be shaped by music. I would spend endless days in the house coming up with rhymes to form meaningful phrases for a song but my lack of focused never led me to create any classical piece. Again coming from the background of a Christian home and a no-nonsense mother who would rather see you seriously studying for the text of your next class session, I had no choice but to pay no serious attention to my music passion.

At my adult age was when it kindled in me one more time to revisit this dream. I began to recollect my younger memories of my musical passion and hence embarked upon this new journey (Disc Jockey). I have learned a lot over the years from not knowing the functioning of the cue button on the turntable to not knowing where to locate a pitch button during an artist showcase. But so far so good, I have come a long way and thus have a chapter to share with the world.

If it is a passion, I believe it would not die and nothing can replace its burning desire. Therefore here I am world that I share my passion of music with you. I am Dj Wanesti, a Mobile Dj whose passion for music has driven me to countless nightclubs, birthday parties, unfamiliar weddings, unknown festivals and a host of countless events.